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Capacity Building Training

Cultural sensitivity—or “cultural competence,” the term that clinical professionals often use—is critical in mental healthcare. Ethnic minorities in Hong Kong are more vulnerable due to bias, stereotypes and discrimination- which lead to disparities in care. Lack of understanding of the service users' culture and different views about mental illness or about counselling and psychiatry can pose obstacles in the treatment process. So can language and communication barriers.

Our Capacity Building training workshops dwell into the following to help practitioners understand more about the ethnic minorities and effective ways to support them:  

  • Understanding the ethnic minority population of Hong Kong 

  • Effective communication techniques to encourage service users to open up

  • Creating a safe, judgement free environment

  • Culturally appropriate interventions

Partnership Opportunities

We also offer collaborate partnerships via outreach programmes, conduct talks about mental health and wellbeing as  for schools and NGOs. Through partnerships, we would like to destigmatise mental health and normalise help-seeking behaviours in the ethnic minority communities.

Our aim is to partner with other organisations who also have an Ethnic Minority audience.  

In the past we have delivered public talks on some of the following topics: 

- Managing Parental Stress

- Understanding Your child's emotions

- Making Sense of Your Child's Temperament

- Anger Management

- Mindfullness and Self-care

- Managing Multiple Responsibilities at Home

- Understanding More about Counselling

- Understanding Time Management

- Mental Health 101

If there are other topics you like us to give a talk about, please contact us. ​

Mental Health Talk with School 2021_2.jpg

Case Referral Form 

We are open to receiving referrals from NGOs and other organisations for counselling services for ethnic minorities. 

Applicants of our counselling service must be:

  • Identify as an Ethnic Minority

  • Speak English, Hindi, Urdu and/or Nepali

  • A Resident of Hong Kong;

  • Be aged 18 and above


Applicants will be required to attend an assessment to determine whether they are eligible for the counselling services.

Please download and fill in the referral form and email it to us at


42 year old Pakistani client, female

Capacity Training Workshop

I have learned a lot of useful information about the difficulties

Ethnic Minorities

are facing. The session was very well organised and informative. 

Public Awareness Workshop

The workshop was very informative, I learned a lot of methods to deal with stress or to help others going through stress, thank you!

Social Worker, 
Public Talk at
Sun Island English Kindergarten

The talk was very practical and useful. We received all positive feedback from parents.  We look forward to having more similar talks in the future! We are very impresesed. 

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