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Well-being check up sevice

Well-being Check-up Service

Do you ever wonder how well you are doing when it comes to dealing with challenges in your life and maintaining your mental well-being? 

The well-being check-up service is available free of cost and is a quick and easy way to get a concise understanding on

your well-being. 

A check-up helps to identify any signs and symptoms that may be negatively impacting your well-being.  Our counselling professionals will give you some practical tips on maintaining your well-being.

Just like a physical health check-up is an essential part of any self-care programme, a well-being check-up helps ensure that you are not overlooking any issues that might be impacting your mental health.


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Counselling Services

Our trained counsellors will help you undergo a personal examination of your life, your relationships, and your feelings; helping you to gain a much better understanding of yourself and of those around you.  Counselling may help to reduce the frustration you feel from various sources, and to manage your emotions much more competently. 

Our counsellors are all from Ethnic Minority backgrounds and speak English, Hindi, Urdu and Nepali.  Our counselling services allow you to talk openly and honestly with someone who is qualified, non-judgemental and who will uphold your confidentiality.   

You are eligible if you

  • Identify as an Ethnic Minority

  • Can speak English, Hindi, Urdu and/or Nepali

  • Are a resident of Hong Kong

  • Are aged 18 or above

  • Complete an intake assessment to determine if our services are suitable for you (this will be done over the phone)

  • Will attend 6 - 12 sessions

Do I need counselling?

Our counselling services may be especially helpful if:

Screenshot (65).png
Feeling hopeless as though there is no way out
Screenshot (67)_edited.jpg
Sleeping or eating much more or less than usual 
Screenshot (68)_edited_edited.jpg

You have experienced a stressful/difficult life event in the past and feel that its impact still effects you 

Screenshot (69).png
Physical symptoms such as breathing difficulties (during rest), trembling, sensing your heart rate increase or heart missing a beat (during rest)
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Uninterested and losing enthusiasm in activities or hobbies you used to enjoy

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You find it hard to talk about your problems with your family or friends

  • What is considered an emergency/crisis situation?
    An emergency/crisis experience is individually based, depending on what it feels like for you based on your “normal”. Some examples of a need for an emergency/crisis counselling session include: - Suicidal thoughts and a plan - Severely losing emotional control - Gross impairment in thinking ability - Exhibiting bizarre behaviour - Experienced a recent trauma
  • What do I do in case of an emergency?
    Please not that the Ethnic Minority Well-being Centre does not provide any emergency or crisis counselling service. If you need any immediate help, please visit the nearest Accident and Emergency (A&E) Department at any hospital or call 999. You may also call the Samaritans 24-hour telephone emotional support hotline at 2896 0000 if you need to talk to someone urgently.
  • How many sessions will be arranged?
    Sessions may range in number from 6 - 12, depending on individual counselling needs.
  • Who is eligible to see a counsellor?
    The counselling service is open for all Ethnic Minorities who are residents of Hong Kong. Applicants must be 18 years of age or above. We do not take applicants with moderate or severe risk but can make referrals to other appropriate services.
  • How do I make an appointment to see a counsellor?
    Please call or send us a WhatsApp message on 96823100. Our staff will then contact you to get your details.
  • How long does each session last?
    Each session lasts approximately 1 hour.
  • Do you offer online counselling options?
    We offer online counselling via zoom. However, the first session must be face-to-face. We recommend all clients to continue face-to-face sessions to achieve the maximum benefit.
  • Will my counsellor tell anyone about my problems?
    The counselling we offer is confidential, which means we will not discuss your situation with anyone outside the counselling services, unless we have your consent to do so. Exceptions to this rule apply only if there are legal or statutory obligations to disclose, or if there is a risk of serious harm to the client or to others.
  • How much does counselling cost?
    Our services are free of cost.
  • What language do you conduct counselling in?
    Counselling is conducted in English, Hindi, Urdu and/or Nepali.
  • What are your opening hours?
    Our opening hours are from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm. We also provide limited counselling slots on weekday evenings or Saturday mornings. This is subject to counsellors' availability.
  • What is Counselling?
    Counselling is a unique opportunity to talk to a trained professional, about the difficult feelings you may be having. Many people tend to bottle up unpleasant emotions and disregard mental health issues. Counselling provides you with a safe space and time to explore your feelings. You can tell your counsellor anything without being judged. Your counsellor will not tell you what to do. They are there to help you understand yourself as well as your situation. See more resources and videos about counselling here.
  • Can I request a specific counsellor?
    We allocate appointments based on counsellor availability and language requirements. We do not accept requests for specific counsellors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Aslamwalaikum, I would like to thank The Zubin Foundation because they helped me a lot.  My problem was because of the tension in the household, I would get frustrated at my kids. Everyone knows that with young kids, there are a lot of problems. The Zubin foundation provided me with counselling classes, where I had 8-10 sessions. I shared all my problems with the counsellor, about why I got frustrated at my kids and why my kids annoyed me a lot.  The counsellor taught me ways to change myself and change my kids. After following the counsellor's advice, I found that there was a lot of improvement in me, as well as in my household. I felt better about myself. There are so many things that we don’t understand and we don’t share with others. At The Wellbeing Centre, I shared all my problems with the counsellor. Because of that, I found a lot of improvement and happiness. I would say this to everyone: if anyone has any sort of problem, they should do some form of counselling and everything will be better. Once again, I would like to thank The Zubin Foundation.

42 year old Pakistani client, female

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